Sports Mouthguard From Your Dentists In Hamilton, Ontario

At Sagewood Dental Care in Hamilton, we’ve been privileged to provide customized sports mouthguards for many of our patients over the years, including a number of local sports teams, such as the Toronto Rock, the Hamilton Bulldogs, the Hamilton Kitty B’s, and the McMaster University Marauders. With our convenient, in-office lab, we’re able to craft a sports mouthguard that will help protect your smile, as well!

Approximately 15 million dental injuries take place in North America each year, with an average of 39% of those injuries linked to sports. The best way to avoid trauma to your teeth, gums, and jaw is to wear a sports mouthguard, but it’s important to ensure that the protective option you choose is durable and well-fitting.

What’s The Difference Between Store-bought And Professionally Made Mouthguards?

In addition to the fact that sports mouthguards available at drug and sports stores are “one size fits all” options, they don’t provide the thickness needed to keep your mouth injury-free. They also make speaking difficult and often impact breathing.

A professionally made mouthguard uses molds that ensure the fit is unique to your teeth and gums. They’re also incredibly comfortable and highly durable, and while they are more costly than store-bought options, the protection they provide is far superior, reducing your risk of experiencing a sports-related injury.

Interested in learning more about whether a professionally-made sports mouthguard might be right for you or someone you love? Call us today!

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  • Protect your teeth, gums, and jaw
  • Reduce the risk of a traumatic dental injury, concussion, and more
  • Minimize your need for a complex restorative procedure
  • Have a mouthguard customized to your unique smile
  • Feel confident while engaging in contact sports knowing your mouth is protected!

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